Texas Hill Country Land Wanted

We are looking to purchase a very specific piece of property

  • 50-200 acres
  • Has a small hill with a suitable place to build a home and epic view from at least one direction
  • No HOA/POA restrictions
  • Within 30 minutes of a Hospital
  • Within 30 Minutes of a large chain grocery store
  • Has decent cellular service
  • Has High Speed Internet service – DSL bare minimum
  • Small access to lake or river is a big plus, but not a deal killer
  • A tractor trailer can get there turn onto the property
  • Actual town is not an issue
  • A home will be built on this property, so and building structure existing will have very little value
  • Willing to pay $250-$500K based on how epic it is

Cash buyer looking for a great deal. Use the contact link to give full details of pr0perty – including location, price, photos, listing link (if already listed), and contact information.

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