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1954 Golf Cart For Sale

From time to time Red Dog Seven has Real Estate, Cushman Scooters or other items for sale. The below should be accurate.

1954 Jato Walker Executive

This is a very rare gas powered Golf Cart in great running condition. The Walker Executive was the 1st mass produced (albeit very few made) golf cart. This one is in great running condition. All Original except seats (close) & diamond plate (suppose to be a rubber mat). These rarely pop up for sale, but in the past I’ve seen one in this condition go for $7,500 and a fully restored for $15,000. I figure materials and labor to make engine look new, blast & paint, new seats and tires would be about $3,000 for like brand new. It’s in a Ling line to be restored, but if someone waived $7,500 cash at us before it comes up – its theirs.

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Texas Hill Country Land Wanted

We are looking to purchase a very specific piece of property

  • 50-200 acres
  • Has a small hill with a suitable place to build a home and epic view from at least one direction
  • No HOA/POA restrictions
  • Within 30 minutes of a Hospital
  • Within 30 Minutes of a large chain grocery store
  • Has decent cellular service
  • Has High Speed Internet service – DSL bare minimum
  • Small access to lake or river is a big plus, but not a deal killer
  • A tractor trailer can get there turn onto the property
  • Actual town is not an issue
  • A home will be built on this property, so and building structure existing will have very little value
  • Willing to pay $250-$500K based on how epic it is

Cash buyer looking for a great deal. Use the contact link to give full details of pr0perty – including location, price, photos, listing link (if already listed), and contact information.

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Part Time Crew Chief Wanted

Drag Race Mechanic – Beasley, Texas

We have a need for a part time drag race crew chief to maintain early to mid-60s 900hp Mopars – and a few other light mechanic duties.

This maybe a perfect fit for a retired racer/mechanic in good heath wanting to relocate to warmer weather but only work 16 hours a week.

Must be able to perform tasks like:

  • R&R engines and Transmissions
  • Run the valves on solid Lifter engines
  • Swap a third member om Ford 9″
  • Good Mig-welding skills a plus

Other tasks include working on 50’s-60’s Scooters and golf carts (if you can properly work on race cars – this will be a great occasional break.

Use the contact form to tell my why you’d be the perfect fit for this position.

The small town of Beasley is 40 miles south of Downtown Houston.

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Web Hosting on a fast server

Big Kahuna Hosting

If you are an experienced Web Master frustrated with with the limited resources and slow Speed of a Discount Hosting company – them you’re ready to step up to Big Kahuna Hosting.

In addition to hosting, BKH can install and configure a multitude of applications ready for your context.

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Buying Homes in Montgomery, Texas

Buying homes to be used as rental properties.

While we are often interested in buying fixer uppers to renovate, but currently we are looking for a newer home in a good neighborhood in good condition which with interior paint would be immediately available for rental. We are a quick cash buyer for homes ready to sell quickly at below market value.

If you have a home valued at $160K to $320K that you want to sell fast for cash, and without paying 6% to a real estate agent – use the contact form to give complete details and photos.

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Buying Lots of 50s & 60s Cushmans

Always in the market to buy large lots and collections pf 40s through mid 60s Scooters, Trucksters and golf carts of any make.

Use the contact form to send details and photos.

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Warehouse/Shop Building Wanted

We are currently in the market for a 3500-7000sf building in Montgomery, Texas.

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Rental Availability January 2021

There Are Currently No Vacancies

Please check back soon

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